TV & Me

Ok, I am going to try and explain something here that people may or may not wish to hear. TV, for some people, can be a really good thing.

Because, as a child, I didn’t have friends the only thing I really had was TV. It is where some of my passions, no matter how strange to Neuro-Typical people were born and continue to this day. I even learnt life lessons.

So shall we begin with a walk down some memory lane?

Space Above and Beyond: This was a show in the 90s which was ahead of its time in my opinion and had it come out in say 2005 with the better graphics it would have lasted longer than it did. Though it was about a galactic war between the ‘Chigs’ and the humans it really taught me a lot. It also gave me two of my favourite songs ‘Ring of Fire’ and ‘Never No More’. The show taught me tolerance for people who are different then you and how important (if I ever got them) friendship can be. About remaining human even when life throws you lemons shall we say. It taught me that when you do the right thing respect is earnt and that even if you are a specialist or a Hot Shot that you should always remain humble because around the next corner you could be knocked off of the throne.

It also gave me my love of lesser appreciated shows. I don’t know how it was received in the states but I remember having to stay up in bed until 1 am at times to try and watch an episode, or worse, trying to set my VCR to record… Not so reliable!

Profiler: Show about, well, Profiling… Kinda gave it away. Some really amazing actors and actresses within the show. It I think is where my love of criminology was born. Had I had a better experience in the education system I honestly could say I would have probably ended up as a profiler or a criminal psychologist. Even to this day, I buy books on profiling and read about serial killers.

The main thing this show taught me was even in your darkest days there is always hope and that you should fight for that hope every damn day. Also taught me that you really do not want to be stalked by a serial killer…

These two shows led me into the world of Science Fiction and Crime Dramas. Everything I watch today I can link the interest back to these two shows which taught me so much and helped me grow. Even if I could not grow in a “typical” or “normal” way, this helped me grow to be the person I am today.


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