Through the Darkness

I am not saying I am completely through the darkness I have been feeling recently. I am getting there. I didn’t realise how much the Autism Assessment and how much faith I now have to put in people who have proven through my life not to be always reliable affected me and it sent me into a tailspin… This clearly is not such a good thing. What I have decided to do today is recommit myself to the goal I set myself in 2008 after my major cancer scare which was to make sure that I leave the world a little bit nicer than when I found it. I use this as a very subjective term. It could be on a large scale or on an individual scale but if I can make even one person’s life a little nicer then I have made the world nicer. (Yes I know this sounds very liberal) You don’t get to my age and go through many things that I have been through without having something good come out of it and this is my something good. It is my way to show the world that you can bend me, you can break me even, but I will always be there for anyone in need who comes to me. I leave it all on the field and sometimes even my mental health is put on the line but I do what I can to make the world a nicer place. So I have created a go fund me page to help raise money to continue and up the work that I am doing but I am also not actively campaigning to get money until May 6th When I Brave the Shave for Cancer Research UK. I am one person who is doing what I can, what can you do?


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