Hardwired to help

I am hardwired to help

I wont get any glory from helping people. I am a nobody. Its true.

The reason I help is because my goal in life is to leave the world a more fluffier place than when I found it. If that is by Helping someone in a domestic violence situation, I will do it. If it is to be a listening ear to someone who is grieving be they adult or child, I will do it. If it is to penpal with someone who is struggling in school, I will do it. If it is listening to someone who is struggling once again I will do it. If it is volunteering with a Charity that writes to active service personell so they are not alone on tour well I already do that.

No one will give me an honour for it. No one will nominate me for the Queens Garden Party, No one has yet helped me raise money tofulfil my  life long dream to become a foster parent. Does that make me want to stop helping, of course not it makes me want to help more. In this world which is harsh people need someone like me who will make them laugh and smile when their low then I will be there.

Like I said, I am hardwired to help.


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