A mother without a child

Hi all

I know this is cheeky. I am writing this post to ask for help. I am a mother without a child. I thought I had time to have biological ones but due to my spinal condition realisticall it is not something that is ever going to happen.

I am trying to raise money so that I can get my own place and become a foster parent. I want to realise my dreams of being there for someone in their darkest hours so that they do not have to go through what I went through. Whether it is a case of emergency foster care or long term, I am willing to be there and support and love the children who come through my door.

There is a great need for foster children in this country and across the world and too many people who are willing to abuse the system for a pay check. For me I am not that person. My only reason for wanting to be a foster parent is to give a child the home they may not necessarily of had in care.

If you can help me please donate money to my gofund me page which is https://www.gofundme.com/move-foster-care

Even if you can help me get people interested and passing the link along that would be fantastic, I just need to and be able to get myself set up so that I can go through the process.

Please help this mother without a child to get her dream.

Thank you for your help.


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