Its all a conspiricy

Have you ever felt like the world and life is conspiring against you? Well after yesterday I am seriously contemplating this is the case.

It started off as a wonderful sunday. I had a home service which my mum lead because I struggle with going out to church due to my back and well it was snowing quite a lot as well. I watched some televisions, did some knitting and just had a relaxing day. You would think why do I think life is conspiring against me then?

Well at 4/5pm I went to print my partners airline tickets out and thats when it happened, the table my printer was on became unstable. It is now being proped up with superglue and books. But it does not end there, oh no.

After that happened we found the our storage units had started breaking and just as one of my gats jumped on, a couple of shelves broke  on both!

So now, everything is everywhere and I am dirt poor so cant even buy any replacement furniture! What a Christmas this will be!


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